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In business since 1928, Beehive Press is a commercial printing company offering a wide array of services. All projects and customer service are overseen by one of the two owners. That kind of personal attention to each project contributes to our reputation as a customer service driven business.

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When preparing your files for high quality printing, the choice of application is very important. The application you use needs to support bleeds, high resolution graphics, and proper black and white, spot color, and 4-color process separations. The program also needs to be able to image correctly to a 2400-dpi Postscript imagesetter.


The applications best to use are:

Page Layout: Adobe Indesign or QuarkXpress (Please Note: Publisher and Pages are applications that  are also used for page layout. We kindly ask that you supply High Quality PDFs with crop marks and bleeds if you work in either of those applications.)

Vector Graphics (Line Art): Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW

Photographs: Adobe Photoshop


These programs allow for proper color separation, crop marks and bleed.


Microsoft applications have limitations on whether they will image correctly to a 2400-dpi Postscript imagesetter. It is best to send a high-resolution PDF file with the fonts embedded. These programs were really made for printing to lower-resolution laser or inkjet printers and not for 2400-dpi Postscript imagesetters.


Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point:

1. Black text will reproduce as 4 color black text. This is okay for digital print jobs but not for offset.

2. Images used in Microsoft applications will have a RGB color space and may reproduce poorly.

3. Microsoft applications do not suport the PMS color library. Color choice is limited.

4. These programs do not allow for bleed. If bleed is desired, the application file must be made .125 inches larger

on all sides, i.e., an 8-1/2 x 11 should be made as an 8-3/4 x 11-1/4 inches.

5. The PDF file should always have the fonts embedded.


Applications that were not mentioned are not supported by Beehive Press and were never intended for printing to a 2400-dpi
PostScript imagesetter.


Fonts: Customers should contact the prepress department to make sure we carry the fonts they are using. Otherwise, screen and printer fonts should be sent with the job. Some software collects the graphics and fonts that will be needed to support the files you are sending. Frequently it misses some screen or printer fonts, and sometimes a graphic. It is a good idea to verify everything is on the disk you will be sending.


PDF workflow: Files that can be saved or exported to a high-resolution PDF is supported in our prepress department. Be sure that the fonts are embedded, bleeds are in the file, and that the file will color separate correctly.